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Pure Beeswax, Radiant Glow.



I grew up in a small town in the Shuswap, British Columbia and migrated to the Province of Alberta some twenty years ago and settled in Calgary and made this home for the past thirteen.
The only way for my sanity to survive this big city was to keep to myself, a lot. It gave me time and opportunity to start woodworking again and ignite a passion in making beeswax candles which making for myself and family and friends was satisfying.
Making beeswax candles is far from new and the world is not lacking of candle businesses. Quite the opposite actually. I began doing some research on the different mica powders for coloring wax a natural, organic way of coloring vs. wax dye.
And BAM!!... there it was..... a product that could make candle wax glow in the dark!

Our Story

LIL' OL' BEE started as a passion in making beeswax candles, And later, the obsessiion began.
Hundreds of pounds of beeswax, enormous amounts and orders of glow products, buckets of fragrance oils, countless, maybe thousands of hours.
 And many months later it took to figure out how to create an incredible beeswax candle that glowed in the dark with out any of the beeswax candle benefits suffering.
And then it happened, IT WORKED! Wondrously worked! and it wasn't a fluke, I could make a beeswax candle glow in the dark in all types of shapes and sizes and colors, oh what beautiful colors they were!!


Our mission

At Lil' Ol' Bee, we're dedicated to crafting premium beeswax candles. Our mission is to bring the beauty and benefits of beeswax into your home sustainably. We support bee health and environmental conservation, offering clean-burning candles for a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Tall Round Pillars Candles

12" x 2.75" 168 hours of burning time! Wax is 100% beeswax and the marble glow is rare earth minerals called strontium aluminates and have the ability to absorb and emit light energy (glow).


Coffin Comb Wall Shelving

Designed to hang alone or to be fastened together with multiple coffin combs to make any pattern you desire. A simple instruction page is included along with the hardware to hang on the wall. 


Marbled Square Candle

Wax is 100% beeswax. The wick is made of organic hemp and beeswax, hand rolled or braided by Lil' Ol' Bee, that's me.

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