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Lil' Ol' Bee A Woodcraft Candle Company

Glow In The Dark Beeswax Tealight Candles

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Size: 6 PIECES

Color: Blue

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Beeswax Tealight Person12 or 6 Large 100% beeswax tealight candles. Glow In The Dark 12 Pack tealights, customized tealight candles, scented tealights, glow in the dark tealights, marbled tealight

Choose from a variety of bright glow in the dark colors and fragrances. The glow is from all natural rare earth minerals: non-toxic, non radioactive and formaldehyde free glow product. Unlike old common harmful glow in the dark products we are used to. Hand poured into clear glass holders and can be marbled with an organic black mica if you choose. The wicks are hand braided hemp for maximum burning enjoyment.

 At checkout please message with fragrance choice. We can also split the set of twelve. If you would like this box of 12 tealights to come 6 one color and fragrance 6 another color and fragrance, Please add those choices in a message to seller. Thank you. Also, if you would like them to be marbled let me know in message as well please otherwise they will come in solid color.

example, to seller: 6 glow blue marbled , lavender/rose 6 glow yellow marbled, Sandalwood/Jasmine

Glow color choices

  • Glow in the dark Blue
  • Glow in the dark green
  • Glow in the dark pink
  • Glow in the dark aqua
  • Glow in the dark pink
  • Glow in the dark purple
  • White glows blue
  • White glows green
  • White glows purple
  • Glow in the dark yellow
  • No glow; marbled white and yellow beeswax

Fragrance oil choices

  • Sweet vanilla chai
  • Lavender rose
  • Lavender vanilla
  • Sandalwood rose
  • Sandalwood jasmine
  • Caramel apple
  • Chocolate cherries
  • Cuppa joe
  • London fog
  • Unscented